My Simply Sixteen (aka my new favorite toy)

I am in love with my new baby. I have been waiting (mostly patiently) for my Simply 16 long arm quilting machine to arrive and it’s finally here!

The Israeli retailer of everything HandiQuilter is one of the most amazing people that I’ve met in the quilting world. Cindy Richard is a master at art quilting. Her work is truly amazing. She is an international award winning quilter and an all over lovely person to know. You really need to check out her art! Continue reading “My Simply Sixteen (aka my new favorite toy)”

The Midnight Quilt Show

When I grow up I want to be Angela Walters. I know, I’m older than she is, but she looks like she has so much fun quilting all day – or should I say all night? She has authored a bunch of quilting books, runs a quilting store, teaches free motion quilting classes, writes on her blog, Quilting is My Therapy, and quilts as a profession.

Besides the classes that she teaches on Craftsy. Craftsy has a series of series of videos featuring Angela doing what she does best. It’s called The Midnight Quilt Show. It’s a series of videos tutorials  that teach quilting skills – both piecing and free-motion quilting. They are a lot of fun to watch, even if you don’t make any of the quilts.

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My Favorite Quilt So Far

I keep on trying to challenge myself with different quilts that I’ve made. When I think of my favorite quilt, I always come back to the one that I made for my lone soldier nephew, Raanan.

There are a few things that I love about this quilt. It’s the first one that I ever made using a pattern. It was challenging. It was the largest quilt that I had ever made. It was the first one that I used my own free motion quilting motif. It was the first quilt that I finished on my new sewing machine. And it was for Raanan, who picked out the pattern and the incredible colors that went with it. Continue reading “My Favorite Quilt So Far”

Finished is better than perfect

I made quite a few quilts since I started only a few months ago. Even more recently, I’ve started doing free motion quilting. Until I got the courage to do free motion quilting, I have been stitching in the ditch, which is stitching on piecing seams.  After I got a bit braver, I started dipping my toe into free motion quilting, using stippling or meandering stitch. I’ve moved on from stippling to a whole range of designs  and I’ve been having a lot of fun doing it. Continue reading “Finished is better than perfect”