Holocaust Memorial Quilt Block

I am an American by birth. My mother was also born in the US, and her parents were too. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather moved to the States from Lithuania at the end of the 1800s. My father and all his family are from Iraq. We grew up knowing about the Holocaust but my family was never affected closely.  As Jews, we are all affected, but my family was a bit more removed than most.

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Plata Cover

We are going away on vacation next week. We are spending 3 weeks in the States, including 3 Shabbatot. The first one we are spending in a house in Orlando, the next one will be in Potomac, at a friend of my son’s and the third one will be at my cousin’s in Huntington, Long Island.

We go to Hunting for a Shabbat practically every time we are in the US. I always bring a gift made in Israel. Instead of buying it this year, I decided to make it. (It’s still from Israel, right?)

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