Finished is better than perfect

I made quite a few quilts since I started only a few months ago. Even more recently, I’ve started doing free motion quilting. Until I got the courage to do free motion quilting, I have been stitching in the ditch, which is stitching on piecing seams.  After I got a bit braver, I started dipping my toe into free motion quilting, using stippling or meandering stitch. I’ve moved on from stippling to a whole range of designs  and I’ve been having a lot of fun doing it. Continue reading “Finished is better than perfect”

Paper and Paper Piecing

I started a new quilt yesterday. Well I sort of started the quilt yesterday, I think that you could really say that I started it over a week ago. Yesterday is the day that I did my first cut and stitch.

I really enjoy paper piecing. It’s sort of like a coloring book that you do with sewing. You just sew by number.

The preparation of the paper can be no fun, but I think that I found a way to make it simpler and less time consuming. Continue reading “Paper and Paper Piecing”